Ive Ive Mind - Coming October 27th!

Ive Ive Mind - Coming October 27th!

Released October 27

I've "Mine" Album - A Sonic Experience That Transcends Boundaries

Revel in the mesmerising world of I've with their iconic release "Mine," a tapestry woven with vocal prowess and musical ingenuity,  online at ZhivagoGifts.ie and IrelandKpop.com, and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway, Ireland’s acclaimed K-pop hub.

Package Details

Embark on a visual and auditory journey with "Mine", a compilation of six captivating tracks that showcase the signature sound of I've, wrapped in an ensemble of aesthetic and collectable delights that include:

  • Random Cover: Unwrap a surprise with every purchase as you receive one out of the four potential covers — Either Way, Off The Record, Baddie, or Loved Ive — each offering a distinct visual appeal that captures the essence of I've's dynamic personality.

  • 92-Page Photobook: Immerse yourself in I've's visual world with a robust 92-page photobook, brimming with stunning photographs that narrate a story beyond words, a canvas where every page is a journey into the vibrant world of I've.

  • Photocard: Cherish a tangible memory of I've with a photocard that comes included, a slice of art that echoes the group's distinct style and spirit.

Album Highlights

With a six-track lineup, the "Mine" album promises a rich auditory feast, offering an immersive K-pop experience with tracks that reverberate with stellar vocal performances and arresting musical compositions.

Acquire Your Piece of K-pop History Today

Become part of I've’s transcendent world with the “Mine” album, a product that promises not just music but an experience, a journey into a realm of artistic endeavor that is both bold and beautiful.

Secure your copy and delve deep into the entrancing world of I've with this album, available in Zhivago Gifts, Galway — the ultimate destination for K-pop aficionados in Ireland. Alternatively, enjoy the convenience of online shopping at ZhivagoGifts.ie and IrelandKpop.com, where the world of K-pop comes to you.

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