Just Arrived - Red Velvet - What A Chill Kill!!

Just Arrived - Red Velvet - What A Chill Kill!!

Red Velvet Vol 3 - WHAT A CHILL KILL 🎵

Ride the Musical Wave with Red Velvet's Latest Masterpiece!

Product Description:

The queens of K-Pop, Red Velvet, return to the music scene with their much-anticipated 3rd full-length album, "What A Chill Kill". With a mix of genres that showcases their versatile musical palette, this album promises a musical journey like no other.

Album Versions:

  1. Limited Bag Version:

    • Contains: MINI-CD, Postcard, Photo Card Set
  2. Package Version:

    • Contains: CD, 144-page booklet, Lyrics (1EA), Post Card (1EA), Photo Card (1EA)
    • Special: Comes with 5 random cover designs to make each album uniquely yours!
  3. Photobook Version:

    • Contains: CD, 72-page booklet, Sticker (1EA), Folded Poster (1EA), Photo Card (1EA)
    • Special: Choose from 2 random cover designs for a touch of mystery and excitement!

About the Album:

This is Red Velvet's first full-length album since "Perfect Velvet" in 2017, marking a significant evolution in their musical journey. Each of the 10 tracks offers listeners a chance to immerse in Red Velvet's signature blend of genres, giving a holistic view of their musical evolution. Representing SM Entertainment, the group has a history of presenting intriguing, unique concepts and "What A Chill Kill" is no different. Dive into a world of sophisticated music and a unique concept that only Red Velvet can deliver.


Having left an indelible mark on the global music scene with their previous releases, expectations are sky-high for "What A Chill Kill". With every track, the group promises perfection and a surprise for their global fanbase.

An Unmissable Musical Experience:

Whether you're a die-hard Reveluv or new to the captivating world of Red Velvet, this album promises an unparalleled musical experience. Dive into their diverse musical colors and be a part of the "What A Chill Kill" era!

Order your preferred version now and let the musical journey begin!

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