Kep1er - Magic Hour - Coming Soon!

Kep1er - Magic Hour - Coming Soon!

Kep1er Magic Hour Album - A Symphony of Visual and Auditory Magic

Discover the fascinating universe of Kep1er with their fifth mini-album, "Magic Hour," a mesmerizing testament to their ongoing journey in the K-pop world. Available both online at and and in-store at Zhivago Gifts in Galway, the ultimate destination for K-pop in Ireland.

Package Details

Every "Magic Hour" album comes with:

  • Random Cover: Anticipation builds as you receive a random cover with every purchase. Each cover — Moonlighted, Sunkissed, or Beloved — offers a unique visual story, bringing you closer to the world of Kep1er.

  • 84-Page Photobook: A substantial 84-page photobook acts as a visual diary, documenting Kep1er's remarkable journey so far. Each page offers an intimate glimpse into the group's dynamics, underlining their unique personality and style.

  • Photocard: Cherish a snapshot of Kep1er's journey with a photocard that carries the vibrant spirit of the group, a little treasure for fans to hold dear.

  • Sticker: Accent your belongings with a Kep1er sticker, a fun addition that brings a piece of the K-pop sensation to your daily life.

Album Highlights

Stepping into the spotlight with the vibrant title track "Galileo," Kep1er unveils an array of auditory delights in the "Magic Hour" album, showcasing their growth and refined artistry in the K-pop industry.

Secure Your Magical Experience Now

Embark on a magical journey with Kep1er’s “Magic Hour” album, a rich tapestry of visuals and sounds that embody the group’s evolution and dynamism. Grab your copy today at Zhivago Gifts in Galway, the heart of K-pop culture in Ireland. For a seamless online shopping experience, visit or and get ready to step into Kep1er's magical world.

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