Sending Love & Support To ITZY's Lia

Sending Love & Support To ITZY's Lia

For K-pop fans across Ireland and the world, the dazzling performers often become an extension of family. So, when one of them faces challenges,  concern and support surge throughout the K-pop community. Today, we're focusing our thoughts and sharing well-wishes with ITZY's Lia, who has taken a temporary hiatus from the limelight.

Lia's Health Takes Center Stage

On September 18th, JYP Entertainment, the agency backing ITZY, made the announcement. Owing to health concerns, particularly extreme tension and anxiety related to her schedules, Lia will be stepping back from all forthcoming commitments.

The agency shared in a statement translated by Koreaboo, “After medical consultation and thorough examination, the health professionals have underscored the necessity for stability and proper treatment for Lia.”

Prioritizing Lia's well-being, JYP Entertainment highlighted that she would momentarily abstain from participating in schedules, allowing her the space and time to concentrate on recovery.

A Collective Decision for Lia's Best

Decisions like this aren't taken lightly in the industry, where every performance and appearance is a testament to hours of practice and commitment. After profound deliberations with ITZY members, the decision for Lia's hiatus was made.

JYP Entertainment mentioned, “The exact juncture when Lia will make her comeback will evolve from comprehensive discussions with both Lia and the other ITZY members.”

Lia's Heartfelt Message to Fans

While agencies play a pivotal role in conveying such updates, the emotional connection between artists and fans often manifests through direct channels. Lia, in her intrinsic heartfelt manner, reached out to MIDZYs through handwritten notes shared on ITZY's official Instagram.

Reflecting on her six-year journey, Lia's letter, translated by Soompi, read, “Though these years brimmed with invaluable moments, I discerned a gradual detachment from my essence.”

She further expressed, “I sense the need for a brief respite to rediscover and replenish my love for myself. My earnest endeavor will be to return in the pink of health, reciprocating the immense love and patience MIDZYs bestow upon me.”

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