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TWS 1st Mini Album 'Sparkling Blue' - OUT NOW!

TWS 1st Mini Album 'Sparkling Blue' - OUT NOW!


TWS 1st Mini Album 'Sparkling Blue'

The highly anticipated debut of TWS (24/7:WITH:US), the latest K-Pop boy group from PLEDIS Entertainment, has arrived with their first mini album, "Sparkling Blue." This album introduces the group's sparkling, non-toxic, and friendly concept through refreshing and catchy music that is sure to captivate new fans and satisfy K-Pop enthusiasts alike.

Album Versions:

  • Sparkling
  • Lucky

Both versions of "Sparkling Blue" feature unique content and designs that align with TWS's debut concept, offering fans a choice to select their preferred style or collect both to complete their TWS collection.

Album Contents:

  • CD: Contains the tracks of "Sparkling Blue," featuring TWS's debut music.
  • Outbox: A beautifully designed outbox that houses the album contents, reflecting the album's aesthetic.
  • Photo Book (120 pages): A substantial photobook filled with 120 pages of visually stunning photographs of the TWS members, showcasing their individual and group personas.
  • 2 Stickers: Decorative stickers that fans can use to personalize their belongings or keep as collectibles.
  • Polaroid: A collectible polaroid photo, adding a personal and unique touch to each album.
  • Name Tag: A creative addition that features a name tag, further personalizing the fan's album experience.
  • Photo Card (random 1 of 6): Includes one random photo card out of a possible six, featuring individual members of TWS.

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