WAYV - On My Youth - Coming Soon!!

WAYV - On My Youth - Coming Soon!!

WAYV's "On My Youth": An Album Set to Make Waves in K-Pop!

Prepare to be mesmerized! WAYV, the sensational boy band under SM Entertainment, is gearing up to drop their second full-length album "On My Youth". Renowned for their trailblazing artistry and captivating performances, WAYV's latest offering promises to be an exhilarating auditory and emotional journey for fans worldwide. Secure your very own piece of K-Pop magnificence exclusively from Irelandkpop.com or visit Zhivago Gifts, Galway, the heart of K-Pop in Ireland.

🎵 Here's What You Can Look Forward To with "On My Youth": 🎵

  • 10 Incredible Tracks: Immerse yourself in a musical tapestry that weaves through various emotions, stories, and melodies, with the title track "On My Youth" setting the tone for the entire album.

  • A Highly Anticipated Release: After an 11-month wait since their last electrifying EP "Phantom", the excitement and anticipation for "On My Youth" is palpable among fans and the music industry alike.

  • A Legacy of Excellence: WAYV's debut album "Awaken The World" released in June 2020 has set the bar high, and if their track record is anything to go by, "On My Youth" is set to exceed all expectations.

  • A Dynamic Ensemble: WAYV, a China-based subunit of the iconic SM Entertainment's boy band NCT, showcases the diverse talents of its seven members - Kun, Ten, WinWin, Lucas, XiaoJun, Hendery, and YangYang. Each member brings a unique flair, making WAYV's music an intricate blend of sounds and stories.

Having made their stellar debut in January 2019, WAYV has continually pushed boundaries and redefined K-Pop standards. Their music is not just a set of tunes; it's a reflection of their journey, their dreams, and their message to the world.

So, whether you've been a part of WAYV's journey since their debut or are new to their world, "On My Youth" is an album that promises an experience like no other. Pre-order today from Irelandkpop.com or make a trip to Zhivago Gifts in Galway for a more personalized shopping experience.

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