Nct #127 Regular-Irregular


Random version. 2018 release.

Packaged in an 8.5″ x 11″ outer case and includes one folded poster (14″ x 20″), random photocards and postcards. A lyric booklet is also included (Korean text only.) NCT#127 Regular – Irregular is the Seoul-based NCT 127’s first full length studio album.

Includes both a Korean and English version of the single ‘Regular.’ The album includes 11 tracks of a variety of genres.

This clearly shows the mission of NCT, whose dream is to connect and unite through music. The transition between reality and the dream world is made through the dream-like sixth track “Interlude: Regular to Irregular,” and the album has a very natural flow and is filled with storytelling, which makes the album all the greater.

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