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Arsenal FC Calendar & Diary Musical Gift Box 2024

Arsenal FC Calendar & Diary Musical Gift Box 2024

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🎶 Arsenal FC Calendar & Diary Musical Gift Box 2024: Echoes from the Emirates 🎶

Gunner's Glory on Display
Presenting the Arsenal FC Calendar & Diary Musical Gift Box 2024 - a timeless celebration for every Gooner's heart. Relive the brilliance and charm of the club's most memorable moments, all contained within an elegant gift set.

Collector's Edition Exclusive Contents:
📆 Club Moments Wall Calendar: March through 2024 with the heart of a Gunner. Every page turn unveils a historic moment that has shaped the identity of Arsenal FC.
📔 A5 Hardback Diary: A daily tribute to the club you love. Each page, imbued with the spirit of Highbury and Emirates, is designed to inspire the Gooner in you all year round.
Executive Pen: For notes, dreams, and match predictions. Crafted with precision, it's an embodiment of Arsenal's style and class.

The Sound of North London:
The crowning jewel of this collection is the musical keepsake box. Open its lid and be transported to the heart of Emirates Stadium, feeling the buzz and energy of a matchday as the anthemic "One-Nil to the Arsenal" seems to play in the air.

Limited Edition:
Exclusivity is key. With just 1,800 sets in existence, this becomes more than just a memorabilia; it's a symbol of loyalty and pride to be one of the few owners.


  • Packaging Dimensions: Approx 31cm x 31cm x 4cm.
  • Weight: Product weight 1214g.

Official Arsenal Merchandise
With the seal of authenticity, this set proudly stands as an official Arsenal FC product, capturing the legacy, passion, and ethos of the club.

For every fan who's felt the highs and lows, the thrill of a last-minute goal, or the nostalgia of past glories, the Arsenal FC Calendar & Diary Musical Gift Box 2024 brings a slice of that magic home. Go forth, Gunners, and let the spirit of Arsenal illuminate every day of 2024! 🔴⚪🎵🏆

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