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Billlie Seasons Greetings 2023

Billlie Seasons Greetings 2023

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Billlie Seasons Greetings 2023

Experience the joy of 2023 with the special edition of Billlie's Season's Greetings. Now available for purchase at and at Zhivago Gifts store located in Galway. This comprehensive package is a splendid collection of goodies for all Billlie fans.

The set commences with a beautifully designed outbox, measuring 200 x 260 x 50mm. Inside, you'll discover an 180 x 230mm desk calendar that features exclusive images of the Billlie members, adding a K-pop touch to your daily life throughout the year.

The package also includes a diary of dimensions 148 x 210mm, perfect for noting down your thoughts, plans, or simply using as a journal. To keep all your collectibles safe, a paper holder of 153 x 215mm is also included.

True Billlie fans will be delighted with the club document (148 x 210mm, 7EA) for an intimate look into the world of Billlie. The set also features seven film photos (102 x 151mm) that capture enchanting moments of Billlie's journey.

Further personalizing your experience, the package contains a set of seven photocards (55 x 85mm), each featuring a member of Billlie. The seven ID photos (35 x 45mm) add an exclusive touch to the collection.

The package also offers a masking tape with a length of 10m and a width of 30mm, perfect for customizing your belongings or sealing envelopes. Eight stickers bring in a touch of fun and customization to the set.

Finally, to add a larger-than-life element to your Billlie collection, a poster of 380 x 500mm is included in the package.

So why wait? Get your Billlie Season's Greetings 2023 set today from or visit our store in Galway. For more K-pop updates, follow our Instagram at Celebrate 2023 in the company of Billlie!

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