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BRITA S1050815 MAXTRA PRO ALL-IN-1 - 6 Pack

BRITA S1050815 MAXTRA PRO ALL-IN-1 - 6 Pack

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BRITA S1050815 MAXTRA PRO ALL-IN-1 - 6 Pack


  • Reduce Chlorine: Filters out chlorine for improved taste.
  • Filter substances affecting taste: Removes substances that may alter the taste of water.
  • Filter trace impurities: Targets certain herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceutical residues*.
  • Provide great-tasting water: Ensures freshly filtered water with improved taste.
  • Long-lasting: Each MAXTRA PRO cartridge lasts for up to 4 weeks or 150 liters of water.


The BRITA MAXTRA PRO ALL-IN-1 Water Filter Cartridges are designed to provide high-quality filtered water for your household. Featuring super-fine mesh, they effectively capture coarse particles from old pipework. The powerful ion-exchange pearls soften water and protect appliances by reducing metals like lead and copper. Additionally, the cartridges incorporate high-performance filter mesh for enhanced particle retention compared to MAXTRA+ filters.

These cartridges are truly sustainable, made with 50% bio-based plastic, and each MAXTRA PRO filter replaces up to 150 plastic water bottles (1 liter). They are compatible with all current BRITA water filter jugs thanks to the proven BRITA PerfectFit system.


  • Taste-impairing substances
  • Trace impurities such as certain herbicides, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals*
  • Chlorine, lead, and copper
  • Limescale**
  • Finest particles***

Note: If present in tap water

*Carbonate hardness reduction has been tested up to 120L.

**Fulfils requirements of the standard EN 17093 for 120L for protection against limescale.

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