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Dreamcatcher Apocalypse: Follow Us Limited

Dreamcatcher Apocalypse: Follow Us Limited

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Dreamcatcher Apocalypse: Follow Us

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Dreamcatcher with their album "Apocalypse: Follow US". This Limited Version not only offers melodious tracks that echo the group's distinct musical style, but also a treasure trove of exclusive collectibles that amplify your fan experience.

With each album, you receive an impressive 180-page photobook brimming with stunning visuals of the Dreamcatcher members, capturing their journey in the Follow US" era.

The album also comes with a unique spin card, a monochrome postcard and a 4-cut photo, all adding to the uniqueness of this limited version. Furthermore, a photocard and an agent card are included, allowing you to feel a more personal connection with the group.

Join Dreamcatcher in their latest musical exploration. This Limited Version is a must-have for any Dreamcatcher fan. Order yours now from, Ireland's leading K-Pop store, or drop in at our location at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Unleash the magic of Dreamcatcher's music today with "Apocalypse: Follow US"!

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