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Dxmon Hyperspace

Dxmon Hyperspace

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Dxmon - Hyperspace

Dxmon's debut album "Hyperspace" marks the beginning of an exciting journey for the group under SSQ Entertainment. The album, with its rich content and collectibles, reflects Dxmon's commitment to carving out their destiny, as implied by their name derived from the Greek word 'Daimon.'

Album Components:

  • 1 CD: Contains the tracks of "Hyperspace," showcasing Dxmon's musical style and vision.
  • Photo Book (68 pages): A collection of photos featuring Dxmon's members, offering fans a visual journey through the album's concept.
  • 2 Photo Cards (random out of 12 types): Collectible photo cards of the members, with a variety of 12 different types.
  • Photo Card Mini Holder (random out of 6 types): A unique holder for the photo cards, available in one of six random types.
  • 6 Postcards: A set of postcards featuring Dxmon, adding to the album's collectible value.
  • Message Card (random out of 6 types): Personalized message cards from the members, with six different types available.
  • 1 Folding Poster: A poster that complements the album's theme, ideal for display.

About Dxmon:

  • Group Name: Dxmon, meaning 'enterprisingly decide and achieve their own destiny.'
  • Members: Minjae, Seita, Taegeuk, HEE, REX, and JO, each bringing their unique charm and strength to the group.
  • Debut: "Hyperspace" is their surprise debut under SSQ Entertainment, marking the start of their journey in the music industry.

Album Significance:

"Hyperspace" is more than just an album; it's a bold statement of Dxmon's aspirations and dreams. The inclusion of various collectibles such as photo cards, a mini holder, postcards, and a message card, makes this debut album a treasure for fans and collectors. The album not only showcases the musical talents of Dxmon but also provides a glimpse into the diverse personalities and aspirations of its members. As a debut album, "Hyperspace" sets the tone for Dxmon's future in the K-pop industry, promising a journey filled with dreams, ambition, and success.

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