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IZ*ONE - 1. Concert in Seoul [EYES ON ME] KIT Version

IZ*ONE - 1. Concert in Seoul [EYES ON ME] KIT Version

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IZ*ONE - 1st Concert [EYES ON ME] KIT Version

IZONE, the twelve-member girl group from the Mnet reality competition show "Produce 48," commemorated their inaugural concert tour with the "EYES ON ME" KIT Version. The tour, which celebrated the group's achievements and connection with fans, launched in Seoul and brought the energy and spectacle of IZONE's performances to WIZ*ONEs around the world.

KIT Version Contents:

  • Kit Video: A compact and innovative media format, the kit video offers fans a high-quality digital experience of the concert, allowing them to relive the excitement of the live performance.

  • Photo Projection Keyring: A unique souvenir that fans can carry with them, which projects photos when light shines through it, adding a personal and interactive element to the concert memorabilia.

  • Photocard Set: A collection of beautifully designed photocards of each IZ*ONE member, which are often sought after by collectors and fans for their aesthetic and sentimental value.

  • Polaroid Set: Mimicking the spontaneous and personal feel of real Polaroids, this set provides fans with faux-instant photos of the members, adding a nostalgic touch to the concert goods.

  • Mini Velvet Pouch: A stylish and practical way to store all the concert memorabilia, ensuring that these precious items can be kept safe and in mint condition.

The "EYES ON ME" concert in Seoul set the stage for IZONE's first concert tour, showcasing their collective talent and individual charms. The KIT Version of the concert offers a keepsake for fans to reminisce about the powerful performances and the emotional connection shared between IZONE and their fans. As a limited-time group with a defined contract period, these items hold particular significance for WIZ*ONEs, representing a moment in time that is both precious and fleeting.

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