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Liverpool FC Deluxe Calendar 2024

Liverpool FC Deluxe Calendar 2024

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🏆 Liverpool FC Deluxe Calendar 2024: Echoes of Anfield 🏆

Cherish The Red Legacy
Liverpool fans, unite! Walk down memory lane, month after month, with the Liverpool FC Deluxe Calendar 2024. This isn't just a calendar; it's a mosaic of memories, moments, and magic that define the Anfield club.

Deluxe Features:
📆 12 Months of Legacy: Twelve frame-ready prints, each commemorating a month with a special Liverpool moment. From Champions League nights to unforgettable Premier League victories, this calendar rekindles the fervor and fire of The Reds.

🖼️ Frame-ready Perfection: Each image in the calendar is meticulously designed and perforated, ensuring easy removal. Turn your wall into an Anfield shrine or gift a piece of Liverpool history to a fellow fan.

Eco-friendly and Authentic:
🌿 Plastic-Free Packaging: In our commitment to a better future, this product comes in eco-friendly packaging, eliminating the use of plastics and furthering our bond with the planet.


  • Dimensions: Approx 30cm x 42cm.
  • Weight: Product weight 450g.

Official Liverpool Merchandise
Sealed with the Liverpool stamp, this calendar is a tribute to one of the most passionate football fan bases in the world. Every page unravels a story, a triumph, and the undying spirit of Anfield.

For all who've felt the thrill of "You'll Never Walk Alone" echoing through the stands, or witnessed the spectacle of Liverpool's attacking prowess, the Liverpool FC Deluxe Calendar 2024 is a reminder of that undying passion. A must-have for every Kopite! 🔴⚽📣🏟️

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