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Lumiela Personalised Messages Necklace

Lumiela Personalised Messages Necklace

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Lumiela Personalised Messages Necklace

Experience the heartfelt beauty of the Lumiela Personalised Messages Necklace, thoughtfully presented on a luxurious pearl and silver-debossed card. This necklace is not only a stunning piece of jewellery but also a meaningful gift or a cherished keepsake for yourself.

Each personalised necklace carries a special message, allowing you to express your sentiments and capture the essence of personal connection. It is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that calls for a heartfelt expression. Alternatively, wear it as a sentimental statement that resonates with your unique story.

Please note that due to high demand, some Necklace Designs may be temporarily out of stock at the time of your order. We will promptly inform you of any availability updates and offer suitable alternatives.

Discover the enchanting world of Lumiela Personalised Messages Necklaces, available at and in-store at Zhivago Gifts in Galway. Embrace the beauty and personal significance of this necklace, elegantly presented on an opulent pearl and silver-debossed card. Let it be a symbol of love, connection, and treasured memories.

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