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Album Overview:

OXN’s "CYRM" marks a spectacular fusion of talent and genre, creating a unique sonic universe at the intersection of doom folk, motorik euphoria, and Lynchian atmospheres. The collaborative effort of Lankum’s Radie Peat, Percolator’s John ‘Spud’ Murphy & Eleanor Myler, and Katie Kim has given birth to a sound that transcends time, connecting the traditional, the futuristic, and the eternal.

Artistic Convergence:

  • Radie Peat (Lankum): Bringing her experimental doom folk essence to the mix.
  • John ‘Spud’ Murphy & Eleanor Myler (Percolator): Infusing the project with motorik euphoria.
  • Katie Kim: Adding layers of Lynchian meta-verse vibes.

Imagine a sound where Enya meets Ennio Morricone, Richard Dawson intersects with Neu!, and yet, you are only scratching the surface of ØXN’s auditory experience.

Band Evolution:

Starting as a duo side project between Radie Peat and Katie Kim in 2018, ØXN expanded into a rich tapestry of sound with the addition of Myler and Murphy during the lockdown, showcasing the evolution from a duo to a full-fledged ensemble.

Recording & Release Details:

  • Recording Location: Hellfire Studios
  • Producer: John ‘Spud’ Murphy (known for his work with Lankum, Black Midi, Junior Brother)
  • Recording Time: An impressive 5-day recording session in 2022
  • Label: The relaunched and rejuvenated Claddagh Records
  • Release Date: Set for release in October 2023

Anticipation & Expectations:

"CYRM" stands as ØXN’s highly anticipated debut, promising a peerless new sound that challenges the boundaries of genre and expectation. The inclusion of such diverse talents guarantees a multi-textured and immersive experience for listeners, making "CYRM" a potential milestone in contemporary music.

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