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Smart A** Card Game

Smart A** Card Game

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Smart A** Card Game - Prove You're the Smartest of the Lot! 🃏

Game Overview: Are you that person who always knows the answer? The one who's always eager to chime in, even when it's not your turn? If so, this is your moment to shine! Each question in this game comes with 10 clues. But who needs ten? If you're smart enough, you'll shout out the right answer before anyone else does. And every time you do, you take one step closer to proving you're the true 'Smart A**' of the group!

Key Features:

  • Quick Thinking, Fast Talking: Every round is a race to blurt out the right answer. But be quick - others are trying to beat you to it!

  • Rising to the Top: With every correct answer, you're one step closer to being the ultimate 'Smart A**'.

  • Easy and Accessible: This is a standalone card game. No additional purchases or expansions needed. Just open the box, and you're ready to play.

Smart A** Card Game - It's more than just a game; it's a battle of wits! Prove that you're not just a smartypants but the ultimate 'Smart A**'!

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