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Taeyong (NCT) Tap (Flip Zine)

Taeyong (NCT) Tap (Flip Zine)

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Taeyong (NCT) - Tap (Flip Zine)

Taeyong of NCT releases his highly anticipated solo project, "Tap (Flip Zine)," showcasing his versatility as an artist across various music genres. This album features a collection of tracks that highlight his unique style and artistic voice, each song bringing a different musical expression that ranges from hip-hop to alternative R&B and rock.

Album Components:

  • CD: Contains all the tracks of "Tap (Flip Zine)," delivering Taeyong's distinctive sound.
  • Booklet (88 pages): A comprehensive booklet filled with visuals that capture the essence of each track and Taeyong's artistic expression.
  • Mini Lyrics Book (16 pages): Provides lyrics to the songs, allowing fans to delve deeper into the meanings and themes Taeyong explores.
  • Random Photocard: Includes one random photocard of Taeyong, offering a collectible element.
  • Random Postcard: Adds to the collection with a postcard featuring unique imagery.
  • Random Hidden Card: A surprise element for fans, this hidden card features exclusive content.
  • Random Folded Poster (On Pack): A folded poster included in the pack, perfect for displaying.

Track Highlights:

  • "Tap": A hip-hop track with groovy, modern drums, 808 bass, and rock and blues-style guitar sounds, complemented by Taeyong’s addictive rap.
  • "Moon Tour": An alternative R&B song with dreamy synth pads, piano, and strings that evolve throughout the track.
  • "Run Away": A dynamic rock song with a warm guitar riff and drum sound that shifts dramatically in the middle of the song.
  • "Ape": Another hip-hop track where Taeyong showcases his confident side, with deep lyrics, heavy bass, and colorful percussion.
  • "Ups & Downs": An alternative R&B song that conveys a sincere message to a departed loved one.
  • "404 Loading": A song about overcoming loneliness and sadness, expressing a longing to be with a loved one forever.


"Tap (Flip Zine)" is not just an album; it's a showcase of Taeyong's growth as a solo artist and his ability to convey deep emotions through diverse musical styles. Each track provides a different sonic experience, making the album a compelling listen for fans and newcomers alike. The inclusion of various collectible items makes this album a must-have for fans of Taeyong and NCT, offering a glimpse into his creative world and personal reflections through music.

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