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Taylor Swift The Tortured Poets Department Ghosted White Vinyl

Taylor Swift The Tortured Poets Department Ghosted White Vinyl

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Released April 19 (May Ship A Few Days Later)

Taylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department" emerges as a meticulously crafted addition to her discography, celebrated not only for its lyrical depth and musical innovation but also for its tangible homage to Swift's creative process and artistic evolution. This special vinyl edition, including the bonus track "The Manuscript," provides a rare glimpse into Swift's introspective and narrative-driven songwriting.

A Deep Dive into "The Tortured Poets Department"

With a total of 16 tracks plus the exclusive bonus track "The Manuscript," this album delves into the complexities of emotion, storytelling, and poetic expression that have defined Swift's career. Each song, a testament to Swift's prowess as a modern-day bard, encapsulates varied facets of love, loss, and self-discovery, set against the backdrop of meticulously arranged melodies that span genres.

Uniquely Packaged Vinyl Experience

  • Collectible 24-Page Book-Bound Jacket: This album is not merely a listening experience but also a visual and tactile journey. The book-bound jacket, a collectible item in its own right, features three of Swift's handwritten lyrics that are unique to this vinyl edition, offering fans a personal connection to the songs' origins.
  • Ghosted White Vinyl Discs: The set includes two ghosted white vinyl discs, enhancing the aesthetic and collectible value of the album. This choice of vinyl color reflects the ethereal and introspective nature of Swift's songwriting.
  • Hero Version Album Sleeves: The collectible album sleeves are adorned with never-before-seen photos of Swift, curated to complement the album's thematic elements and provide an immersive visual narrative that parallels the lyrical storytelling.
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