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The Three Amigos Something Special [CD]

The Three Amigos Something Special [CD]

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Like a fine wine The Three Amigos simply improve with the passing years. More than a decade has elapsed since the trio embarked on their annual concert series which has gone from strength to strength. But in tandem with the live performances Jimmy, Robert and Patrick have enjoyed unrivalled chart success with their recordings.


That's one of the reasons why Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell and Patrick Feeney can scarcely wait to meet up every year in the recording studio to start planning a new album. Such is the enthusiasm of the guys for the Amigos concept and their commitment to it that they continue to reach out to new audiences and in the process play a major role in sustaining the popularity of their music. Variety and versatility remain key components of the show and the recordings with all three bringing their own special talents to the table. Jimmy Buckley is renowned for his polished treatment of country classics, Robert Mizzell brings an All-American flavour to the show through his range of material and Patrick Feeney rarely fails to enhance audiences with his rendering of big ballads. It's an overall mix which has won the singers a legion of followers, yet they have no intention of resting on their laurels - far from it, in fact. They are constantly embroidering their show with fresh material and in the process are displaying renewed ambition and no little energy in captivating their audiences.


With country music having infiltrated virtually every venue in the country, The Three Amigos bring a professionalism and flair to their shows that invariably win them new followers and indeed cement their reputation as top-class troubadours. The appeal of the show has remained a constant and with a flavouring of comedy thrown in along with a couple of novelty items it could be said that there is something for everyone. The hope is that you will get a sense of what makes the show so special from this album.


The Three Amigos Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell and Patrick Feeney are intent on making this recording the most enjoyable listening experience possible and I think hands down that ambition has been realised.

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