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TVXQ Season's Greetings 2023 - Sale!

TVXQ Season's Greetings 2023 - Sale!

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TVXQ Season's Greetings 2023: Dive into the New Year with TVXQ's Enchanting Aura!

For all the TVXQ enthusiasts across Ireland, the TVXQ Season's Greetings 2023 is an unmissable treasure trove of memorabilia. Every piece within this package encapsulates the iconic legacy and vibrant essence of TVXQ. Get ready to kickstart 2023 on a melodious note with this splendid collection, exclusively available from If you're around Galway, don't forget to drop by Zhivago Gifts, the epicentre of Ireland's K-Pop culture.

🌟 What's Inside the TVXQ 2023 Special Edition? 🌟:

  1. Desk Calendar: Every day is a TVXQ day with this stylish desk calendar.
  2. Hard Cover Diary: Chronicle your journey through 2023 within the 120 pages, interspersed with TVXQ's visuals.
  3. Postcard Delight: An envelope filled with 12 exquisite postcards, a monthly treat for every Cassiopeia out there.
  4. Folded Posters: Double the charm with two magnificent posters that truly capture the soul of TVXQ.
  5. Sticker Galore: Two trendy stickers to personalize your world with TVXQ's emblem.
  6. A4 Poster Collection: Ten grand posters for a monthly visual spectacle of TVXQ's defining moments.
  7. Mini Brochure: Dive deep into a 16-page narrative, presenting a closer glimpse of TVXQ.
  8. Photo Card Ensemble: A pack brimming with 8 photo cards - 4 transparent and 4 standard, cherishing the duo's ethereal presence.
  9. 4-cut Photo Stickers: Two captivating photo stickers, each offering 4 unique cuts.
  10. Exclusive Photo & Sticker Set: Comprising 2 circular photos, 2 film-style 4-cut postcards, and a signature sticker.
  11. Golden Ticket - Special Polaroid: An ultra-exclusive Polaroid that only graces 4 packages. Could you be one of the lucky ones?

The excitement doesn't end here! Keep your fandom alive and get the latest updates, exclusive promotions, and a daily dose of K-Pop buzz by following @irelandkpop on Instagram and @IRELANDKPOP on TikTok.

Get your TVXQ Season's Greetings 2023 now and immerse yourself in a year filled with TVXQ's timeless charisma. Here's to celebrating every moment of 2023 with Yunho and Changmin! 🌌🎶🎉

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