NCT 127 'Fact Check' (Exhibit Ver.) - October 6th

NCT 127 'Fact Check' (Exhibit Ver.) - October 6th

NCT 127 - "Fact Check" (Exhibit Version): The Quintessential Album for Every K-Pop Aficionado

Dive into the Artistic Depths with NCT 127's 5th Album, Now Available in a Special Exhibit Version

Experience the musical evolution of NCT 127 as they present their fifth studio album — "Fact Check." This masterful compilation features nine heart-throbbing tracks, showcasing the group's ever-evolving style and unwavering confidence. Available online from and, and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway, Ireland's dedicated K-pop store, it is an essential addition to every K-pop enthusiast's collection.

A Closer Look at the 'Fact Check' Exhibit Version

Highlight Features

  • Lead Single "Fact Check (Mysterious)": An electrifying dance track grounded on an intense main synth loop, this rhythmical sensation articulates NCT 127's unfearful approach to comparing themselves with timeless artworks, echoing their limitless self-assurance.

  • Variety of Songs: With a total of nine songs, this album takes you on a journey through various musical landscapes, each track resonating with unique rhythms and harmonies, promising a rich auditory experience.

Collector’s Must-Have Contents

  • Cover: Amp up the surprise element with a random album cover, one out of the nine distinct versions, each epitomising a member of NCT 127.

  • Lyric Paper: Immerse yourself in the poetic language of NCT 127 with the included lyric paper, a gateway to the deeper understanding of the songs' narratives.

  • Postcard Set: Adorn your space with a set of four postcards, a visual treat that brings you closer to the vibrant world of NCT 127.

  • Sticker: Personalise your belongings with an exclusive sticker, a small token that carries the energetic spirit of NCT 127.

  • Photocard: Enhance your collection with a random photocard, one of the nine available, spotlighting the individual charm of each member.

  • Poster: Elevate your fan space with a premium poster, an iconic visual element that showcases NCT 127's dynamic essence in a larger-than-life format.

Secure Your Copy Today

Embrace the energetic and vibrant world of NCT 127 with this Exhibit Version of "Fact Check." Don't miss out on owning a piece of K-pop history; secure your copy today at Zhivago Gifts in Galway or order online from and

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