Released Feb 16 (May Ship Later)


P1Harmony - VOL.1: KILLIN IT

P1Harmony's first full-length album, "VOL.1: KILLIN IT," is an exciting release for fans of the group, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey. Known for their dynamic style and energetic performances, P1Harmony's new album is highly anticipated and comes with a variety of collectibles and two different cover options.

Album Components:

  • CD: Contains the tracks of "VOL.1: KILLIN IT," featuring P1Harmony's latest music.
  • Booklet (96 pages): A substantial booklet filled with high-quality images and content related to the album.
  • Thanks to Postcard: A special postcard expressing gratitude to fans, adding a personal touch to the album.
  • Random Photocard: Includes one random unit photocard and one selfie photocard, adding to the album's collectibility.
  • Random Polaroid: A unique polaroid photo, offering a candid or behind-the-scenes glimpse of the members.
  • Sticker: Themed stickers related to the album, perfect for fans to use for personalization or as part of their collection.
  • Random Folded Poster: A collectible poster featuring P1Harmony, with random distribution among two different types.

Cover Options:

  • The album is available in two different covers, each likely featuring unique artwork and design elements that reflect the album's theme.

Album Release:

  • Fans are encouraged to mark their calendars for the return of P1Harmony with this first full-length album, "VOL.1: KILLIN IT."

"P1Harmony - VOL.1: KILLIN IT" is not just an album; it's a showcase of P1Harmony's evolution as artists and their commitment to delivering high-quality music and engaging content. Each version of the album, with its unique collectibles and memorabilia, offers fans a different way to experience P1Harmony's world. The inclusion of items like photocards, a polaroid, and a poster makes this album a valuable item for collectors and a way for fans to connect more closely with the group.

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