TWICE - With YOU-th - Preorder Coming Soon

TWICE - With YOU-th - Preorder Coming Soon

TWICE Gears Up for the Release of Their 13th Mini-Album ‘With YOU-th’

TWICE, one of the leading names in the K-pop industry, is all set to charm their fans with the release of their 13th mini-album, 'With YOU-th', next month. This much-anticipated comeback is especially significant as it marks their

first group release in nearly a year since the launch of 'Ready To Be' in March 2023.

The Essence of 'With YOU-th'

The details surrounding 'With YOU-th' are still unfolding, but what's known is its intriguing title. Described in a press release, as noted by Korea JoongAng Daily, the album's title reflects “[the story of] someone who is always with you during your beautiful youth.” This theme hints at a narrative that could be both relatable and nostalgic, resonating with the youthfulness and vibrancy that TWICE is celebrated for.

A Year of Anticipation

TWICE fans, known as ONCE, have been eagerly awaiting new music since 'Ready To Be', which featured the hit track ‘Set Me Free’. The group's return with 'With YOU-th' is not just a continuation of their musical journey but a reaffirmation of their place at the pinnacle of K-pop.

What to Expect

While specifics about the album are sparse, if TWICE's previous records are anything to go by, 'With YOU-th' is likely to be a blend of catchy melodies, impeccable choreography, and the unique charm that the group brings to every performance. Fans can anticipate a mix of energetic tracks and soulful melodies that capture the essence of youth and togetherness.

The Anticipation Builds

'With YOU-th' is poised to add another sparkling chapter to TWICE's already illustrious career. The upcoming release not only offers new music but also a chance for fans to reconnect with the group's evolving artistic vision.

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