Watch (G)I-DLE Unravel a Tale of Revenge in 'I Want That' MV!

Watch (G)I-DLE Unravel a Tale of Revenge in 'I Want That' MV!


K-pop sensation (G)I-DLE is back with a vengeance, quite literally! Unveiling the captivating visuals for their English track, 'I Want That', the music video unfurls a narrative filled with romance, deception, and powerful retribution.

This song is not just another addition to their repertoire; it's the lead single heralding the arrival of (G)I-DLE's much-anticipated debut English EP titled 'Heat'.

The visuals for 'I Want That' craft a narrative that at first seems blissfully romantic, with all five mesmerizing members of (G)I-DLE immersed in what seems like perfect relationships. Yet, as the video progresses, cracks appear, revealing the turbulence beneath. Things spiral, relationships go awry, and the narrative takes a darker turn. Featuring the talent of Park Jeong-min, known for his roles in 'Hellbound' and 'Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet', he embodies the different partners of the members. Yet, despite his multiple avatars, he finds himself at the receiving end of the members' revenge. While they assert their dominance and break free, they harmonize to the catchy chorus, “I want that oh my, oh my, OMG / I want that right now, no you and me.”

What adds an intriguing layer to the song is its star-studded creative team. 'I Want That' is crafted by an ensemble of acclaimed artists, including OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, the talented Madison Love known for Ava Max’s 'Kings & Queens', and the dynamic duo Melanie Fontana and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz who've previously worked their magic for TWICE.

Dive into this whirlwind of emotions, revenge, and empowerment! Catch the 'I Want That' video be part of (G)I-DLE's global takeover. For more exclusive K-pop content, updates, and merchandise, head over to and don’t miss out on the latest buzz by following us on Instagram @irelandkpop and TikTok @IrelandKPop.

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