Queen Monopoly Board Game - You Are The Champion!

Queen Monopoly Board Game - You Are The Champion!

🎸 Rock On with Queen Monopoly: Dive into the world of rock with the legendary band, Queen, and experience the thrills of the property-trading board game in an entirely new light. This isn't just Monopoly; this is a tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Key Features:

  • 🎶 Iconic Theming: Every aspect of the traditional Monopoly game is tailored to fit the Queen universe. From properties named after iconic concerts and venues to themed game tokens, it's a die-hard fan's dream come true.

  • 🎤 Unique Game Tokens: Choose from bespoke tokens that perfectly represent Queen's legacy. Whether it's Freddie's iconic microphone or Brian's guitar, pick your token and embark on a journey like no other.

  • 🏟️ Tour Iconic Gigs: Land on famed concert venues like Wembley, Hyde Park, and The Forum in Los Angeles. But be careful – you might end up paying rent, or you might just bag a legendary performance!

  • 🎵 Themed Cards: Replace the traditional Chance and Community Chest cards with "A Kind of Magic" and "In the Lap of the Gods" cards. Each card could bring a windfall or a downfall, so play with caution!

  • 🎸 Unique Building Mechanics: In this edition, houses and hotels are replaced by staging blocks and full productions. As you trade and build, watch the board transform into a rock concert extravaganza.

  • 🌟 For All Fans: Whether you're a lifelong Queen aficionado or someone looking to delve deeper into their legacy, this board game offers an immersive experience into the world of rock and roll, strategy, and smart trading.

Experience the Game:

Engage in strategic gameplay, make wise trades, avoid bankruptcy, and aim for rock domination. Perfect for gatherings, game nights, or as a treasured collectable for Queen enthusiasts, this Monopoly edition is a must-have. So, are you ready to rock with Queen?

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