Black Clover Premium Baseball Caps

Black Clover Premium Baseball Caps

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the much-anticipated Black Clover Premium Baseball Caps at These iconic caps, worn by celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Conor McGregor, and Rob Lowe, are now available in a wide variety of colours, each featuring the distinctive clover logo.

Black Clover is a brand…

… that has redefined the headwear industry since its inception in 2008. The founders, dissatisfied with the dull and unoriginal hats available in the market, embarked on a journey to create a quality headwear piece that was unlike any other hat currently on the market.

“Sometimes great things happen by chance, and more often than not– greater things happen by choice. When Black Clover began, the vision was rooted in creating a quality headwear piece that was unlike any other hat currently on the market,” the Black Clover team explains.

The first Black Clover hat…

… was simple yet sharp in colour, with fine contrast stitching, a high-performance headband, and an authentic logo that would grab the attention of everyone who came across it. The four-leaf clover and the Black Clover name were created based on the original founder’s initials, and for what the clover symbolized to so many.

“A four-leaf clover not only gives someone the hope, peace, and, of course, the luck they’re searching for when coming across one of these special plants– it inspires,” they continue.

The slogan “Live Lucky” was born out of a vision to inspire others to live life to the fullest, to create an authentic life that was unique to them, and their own individual experiences.

“Black Clover wasn’t started with intentions to create a brand; it was started with a single hope to create a better, higher quality hat. With that, Black Clover and the message to Live Lucky caught on like wildfire,” the Black Clover team shares.

The success of Black Clover is rooted in their customers and their like-mindedness of a higher quality hat, that gives them the fit they deserve. It is also attributed to each individual, their unique life and experiences, that tie them together with the Live Lucky slogan.

At Zhivago Gifts, we are proud to bring this unique brand to our customers in Ireland. You can now order your Black Clover Premium Baseball Cap online at and have it shipped anywhere across Ireland. Alternatively, you can visit us in-store at Zhivago Gifts in the heart of Galway to try on these stylish caps for yourself.

Experience the quality, comfort, and style of Black Clover hats and join the “Live Lucky” movement. Choose your favourite colour, place your order, and start living your lucky life today with Black Clover and Zhivago Gifts.

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