Football Gifts: Arsenal Emirates Stadium 3D Puzzle

Football Gifts: Arsenal Emirates Stadium 3D Puzzle

Emirates Stadium: An Arsenal Fan's 3D Puzzle Challenge

The Ultimate Arsenal Fan Tribute

Score Big with This Arsenal Stadium Replica
For the devoted Arsenal supporter, the Emirates Stadium 3D Puzzle presents the ultimate homage to their beloved team. Precision engineering and vibrant details come together in this intricate puzzle, tailored for fans young, old, and in between.

Family Fun with a Gooner Twist

Engaging Activity for All Ages
Designed for ages seven and up, this puzzle serves as the perfect family bonding project. While younger fans might enlist the help of an adult, the experience remains rewarding for everyone involved.

The Puzzle that Builds More Than a Stadium

  • No Extras Needed: Say goodbye to scissors, glue, or tools. This puzzle seamlessly slots together, emphasizing fun and creativity over fuss and mess.
  • Patience and Pride: Bringing the Emirates to life requires patience, skill, and a touch of team spirit.
  • A Display of Dedication: Upon completion, the model stands as a proud display of dedication, measuring 36cm x 32cm x 7.5cm.

Get Ready to Recreate a Piece of Arsenal Glory

Unleash your ingenuity and Arsenal pride with this detailed 3D puzzle, available for purchase online at or for hands-on fun in our store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. Embrace the challenge and the cheers that come with completing your very own Emirates Stadium!

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