Twice Summer Nights


Get your hands on the captivating “Summer Nights”, an extended reissue of the popular “What is Love?” EP from the iconic K-Pop group, Twice. Available now at, this album was unveiled by JYP Entertainment in 2018 and boasts a versatile mix of Twice’s infectious pop style. Packed with nine tracks, including three new additions and all six songs from the original release, this album truly showcases Twice’s signature melodies and vocals.

Don’t miss the chance to add this must-have K-Pop album to your collection, featuring songs penned by the group’s Japanese members. Experience the magic of Twice’s music with “Summer Nights”, a delightful fusion of summer-themed tracks. We’re shipping from OMG Zhivago, Galway, Ireland. Shop now and get ready to be entertained by your favourite K-Pop icons.

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