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ADAMO BL50CBL Table Top Fridge | Black

ADAMO BL50CBL Table Top Fridge | Black

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ADAMO BL50CBL Table Top Fridge | Black


  • Adjustable Legs: Customize the height to suit your needs and ensure stability on any surface.

  • Recessed Handle: Provides a sleek and streamlined appearance while allowing easy access to the fridge.

  • Low Noise Operation: Operates quietly at 42dB, minimizing disruptions in your living space.

  • Lock and Key: Secure your items with the included lock and key for added peace of mind.

  • Reversible Door: Offers flexibility in placement and allows you to adjust the door to open from either the left or right side.

  • High Efficiency Compressor: Ensures optimal cooling performance while conserving energy.

  • Glass Shelf: Provides durable storage space and easy cleaning.

  • Mechanical Temperature Control: Easily adjust the temperature settings to keep your items chilled between 0-10°C.

  • 46-Litre Capacity: Offers ample storage space for your beverages, snacks, and other items.

  • Dimensions: Compact size measuring 465x497x525mm, perfect for tabletop placement in kitchens, offices, dorm rooms, and more.


The ADAMO BL50CBL Table Top Fridge in sleek black offers convenient and efficient cooling for your beverages and snacks. Its adjustable legs allow you to customize the height for optimal placement, while the recessed handle ensures easy access without compromising on style. Operating at a low noise level of 42dB, this fridge minimizes disruptions in your environment, making it suitable for various settings. The included lock and key provide security for your stored items, while the reversible door offers versatility in installation options. Powered by a high-efficiency compressor, this fridge delivers reliable cooling performance while conserving energy. The glass shelf provides durable storage space, and the mechanical temperature control allows you to adjust the cooling settings to your preference. With a capacity of 46 litres, this compact fridge offers ample space for your essentials. Whether used in the kitchen, office, dorm room, or RV, the ADAMO BL50CBL Table Top Fridge is a practical and stylish addition to any space.

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