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Billlie Billage of Perception Chapter 3

Billlie Billage of Perception Chapter 3

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Billlie Billage of Perception Chapter 3

Experience the allure of K-pop with "The Billage of Perception: Chapter Three", the fourth EP by Billlie. This compelling album, released on March 28, 2023, by Mystic Story and distributed by Kakao Entertainment, takes listeners on a remarkable musical journey.

Billlie's return with their fourth mini album was confirmed by Mystic Story on February 7, 2023.This EP was announced to be released on March 28. Pre-orders for the CD release of the album were kicked off on March 7, with 3 versions available; 01:01 AM, 11:11 AM, and 11:11 PM.

"The Billage of Perception: Chapter Three" is led by the enchanting single "Eunoia". The concept film for the EP, titled 'enchanted night ~ 白夜': a prequel film of Billage of perception, was launched on March 20, adding another layer of intrigue to this release. A lyric video for the B-Side track "Various and Precious (Moment of Inertia)" was also unveiled on March 23.

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