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Blackpink Born Pink Boxset

Blackpink Born Pink Boxset

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Blackpink Born Pink Boxset

Experience the magic of BLACKPINK with the captivating "Born Pink" boxset version, a treasure trove of cherished memories and breathtaking visuals.

Immerse yourself in the stunning 80-page photobook, a visual journey that captures the essence of BLACKPINK's extraordinary moments.

Unveil surprises within the envelope, housing precious keepsakes that will make your heart flutter.

Delight in the artistry of the accordion lyrics paper, displaying the captivating lyrics of BLACKPINK's music.

Embrace the excitement of randomness with a large photocard, one out of four stunning designs, and a postcard, one out of four unique artworks.

Capture special memories with random instant films, two out of eight captivating snapshots that bring you closer to BLACKPINK.

Experience BLACKPINK's connection with fans through the random selfie photocard, one out of eight cherished moments.

Complete your collection with the folded poster, adding a touch charm to any space.

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