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BlackPink Gift Set w/ Cosmetic Bag

BlackPink Gift Set w/ Cosmetic Bag

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BlackPink Gift Set with Cosmetic Bag

Elevate your BlackPink fandom with this exclusive gift set, complete with essential merchandise items that every true fan will adore. Here's what's included:

  1. BlackPink Makeup Bag: Keep your cosmetics organized in style with this sleek BlackPink-themed makeup bag. Perfect for daily use or travel, this bag showcases your love for the iconic K-pop group.

  2. BlackPink ID Card with Lanyard: Show off your fan status with pride using the BlackPink ID card and lanyard. Whether at school, work, or a concert, this accessory adds a touch of BlackPink flair to your outfit.

  3. BlackPink Key Rings: Attach these BlackPink key rings to your keys or bags to flaunt your allegiance to the group wherever you go. Each key ring features a unique design inspired by BlackPink's iconic logo and imagery.

  4. BlackPink Pins: Decorate your clothes, bags, or accessories with these six BlackPink pins. Featuring various designs showcasing the members and logo, these pins add a pop of BlackPink style to any outfit.

  5. BlackPink Necklace: Adorn yourself with this elegant BlackPink necklace, featuring a pendant inspired by the group's aesthetic. Wear it as a subtle nod to your favorite K-pop stars.

  6. BlackPink Bracelet: Complete your look with the BlackPink bracelet, featuring charms and details inspired by the group's music and imagery. A must-have accessory for any BlackPink fan.

  7. Phone Stand: Prop up your phone in style with this BlackPink-themed phone stand. Perfect for watching videos, video calling, or simply displaying your device with a touch of BlackPink flair.

  8. BlackPink Tattoo Stickers: Decorate your skin or accessories with these BlackPink tattoo stickers. Featuring various designs inspired by the group's visuals and lyrics, these stickers add a temporary but eye-catching accent to your look.

Indulge your passion for BlackPink with this comprehensive gift set, packed with essential merchandise items that celebrate the iconic K-pop group in style. Whether for yourself or a fellow fan, this gift set is sure to delight any BLINK

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