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Boxer Short with Flask Pocket

Boxer Short with Flask Pocket

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Boxer Short with Flask Pocket: The Cheeky Companion for Any Drinks Enthusiast

Discreet Sips on the Go with a Touch of Humour

Keep Spirits High (and Hidden) with Boxer Flair
This unique pair of boxer shorts comes with a special feature: a dedicated pocket designed to hold a stainless steel flask. It's the ideal gift for those who appreciate a cheeky nip now and then, offering both convenience and a bit of undercover fun.

A Gag Gift with a Functional Twist

  • 175 ml Stainless Steel Flask Included: Just the right size for a personal serving of your favorite beverage.
  • Comfort Meets Functionality: The boxers ensure comfort while also providing the novelty of a hidden flask pocket.
  • One-Size Fits All Laughter: A hilarious and practical present for anyone who enjoys a drink and a laugh.

Perfect for a Variety of Occasions

  • Secret Santa Surprises: Stand out at the office party with a gift that's both amusing and usable.
  • Gifts for the Party Animal: Know someone who loves a party? They'll get a kick out of this.
  • Novelty Gift Collections: Add this to any 'funny gift' assortment for a guaranteed conversation starter.

All Wrapped Up in Fun

Presented in an attractive gift box, this set is ready to delight. Whether it's for a Secret Santa exchange, a bachelor party, or just because, the Boxer Short with Flask Pocket is a whimsical gift that combines laughter with a sip of leisure.

Looking for that quirky and amusing gift for a friend or loved one? Discover this and other unique finds at, where the spirit of fun gifts is always in plentiful supply.

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