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Brave Girls Summer Queen

Brave Girls Summer Queen

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Brave Girls Summer Queen

Brave Girls' Summer Queen is a delightful musical treat that beautifully captures the vibrant energy and unforgettable melodies of the summer season. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the group, this album is a must-have addition to your K-pop collection. You can purchase this album directly from or visit our in-store location at Zhivago Gifts, Galway.

The Summer Queen album arrives with a random cover from 2 exclusive designs, each one a unique representation of the Brave Girls' charm and charisma. Inside, you'll find an 84-page photobook filled with stunning photographs of the group members. These photos, set against a summer backdrop, provide a visual feast that perfectly complements the music.

In addition to the photobook, the album includes a random photocard featuring one of the Brave Girls' members. This card, a surprise each time you open the album, adds a personal touch that makes each package unique.

Finally, the album comes with a postcard that showcases the Brave Girls in all their summer glory. It's a perfect memento of this album and a testament to the group's dynamic aesthetic.

Get ready to embrace the summer spirit with Brave Girls' Summer Queen. This album is not just about music; it's an experience that brings you closer to your favorite artists. Secure your copy today from or make your way to our store in Galway.


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