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BTS 2 Cool 4 Skool

BTS 2 Cool 4 Skool

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Experience the beginning of a global music sensation with BTS's debut single album "2 Cool 4 Skool", presented by Big Hit Entertainment. The group, comprised of members Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Ji Min, V, and Jung Kook, was meticulously formed by renowned producer Bang Si Hyuk. BTS, an acronym for Bulletproof Boy Scouts or Bangtan Boys, is a reflection of their aim to block out stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim on teenagers like bullets.

Thee album features the impactful title song "No More Dream", a track inspired by the rebellious spirit of nineties gangsta hip-hop. This edgy musical introduction positions BTS as a group not afraid to break the mold and speak their minds.

In July 2017, BTS took on an additional layer of meaning, evolving into an acronym for Beyond the Scene. This symbolizes their growth and evolution, signalling their ambition to create a lasting impact and be a voice for their generation.

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