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BTS 7 Map Of The Soul 7

BTS 7 Map Of The Soul 7

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Welcome to the extraordinary world of BTS with "Map of the Soul 7" – an incredible journey that delves deep into the hearts of these remarkable artists. This album comes in Random Versions, adding an element of surprise to your collection.

Inside this exquisite package, you'll find a treasure trove of BTS wonders. Immerse yourself in the captivating Photo Book, which unveils the members' untold stories through captivating visuals and heartwarming moments. The Lyric Book will take you on a poetic journey, unraveling the heartfelt emotions behind each soulful song.

Experience the powerful melodies with the included CD, bringing BTS's mesmerizing music right to your ears. Additionally, the Mini Book offers exclusive insights into their artistic vision and creative process.

But there's more! Discover the joy of collecting BTS Photo Cards and PostCards – with a touch of mystery as they come randomly – adding excitement to your BTS journey. And don't forget the charming Stickers that allow you to decorate your belongings with the essence of BTS.


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