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BTS BE Deluxe Version

BTS BE Deluxe Version

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BTS - BE Deluxe Version: An Exquisite Collection for the ARMY!

Presenting the much-anticipated BTS - BE Deluxe Version, a testament to the unparalleled artistry and storytelling prowess of the global K-Pop sensation, BTS. This album is not just a collection of songs but a narrative, reflecting the group's thoughts, emotions, and profound messages during challenging times.

🎁 Unbox the Magic:

  • 1 CD: Experience the mellifluous tunes and rich vocals of BTS that transcend boundaries and captivate hearts worldwide.

  • 1 Photobook: Dive into a visual odyssey showcasing the group's candid moments, aesthetics, and inimitable style.

  • 1 Making Book: Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into the creation process, the sweat, tears, and unmatched dedication.

  • 1 Lyric Paper: Delve deeper into the poetic and poignant lyrics that are sure to resonate with listeners.

  • 8 Photo Cards: Collectibles every fan would treasure! These cards capture the essence of each member, their charisma, and their bond.

  • 1 Polaroid Photo Card: A nostalgic touch, making your connection with BTS even more personal and unique.

  • 1 Photo Frame: Display your favorite BTS moment with this elegant photo frame. A constant reminder of the joy and solace BTS brings into our lives.

  • 7 Postcards: A set of beautifully curated postcards, each telling a story, each exuding warmth.

  • 1 Poster: Adorn your space with BTS, embodying their spirit, essence, and artistry.

🎵 Track Listings: A Journey Through Emotions and Stories 🎵

  1. Life Goes On: A comforting anthem that speaks of hope, resilience, and the undying spirit of moving forward.
  2. Fly To My Room: A whimsical and uplifting track that touches upon dreams, aspirations, and escapism.
  3. Blue & Grey: A melancholic ballad, touching upon the themes of burnout, longing, and introspection.
  4. Skit: A candid snippet, offering fans an unfiltered glimpse into BTS's conversations and moments.
  5. Telepathy: A funk-driven track, exuding joy and celebrating the bond BTS shares with the ARMY.
  6. Dis-ease: A song that blends old-school hip-hop with contemporary beats, speaking about internal struggles and healing.
  7. Stay: An electronic-pop track, focusing on the themes of distance, connection, and the promise to always stay together.
  8. Dynamite: The global chart-topping single that became an anthem of positivity, hope, and infectious energy during trying times.

BTS - BE Deluxe Version is more than just an album. It's an experience, a story, and a reflection of the times. It captures the resilience of the human spirit, the collective strength of unity, and the message that no matter what, life goes on. Secure your copy today and embark on this unforgettable musical journey with BTS! 🎶🌍❤️🎤📖📸🖼️💌🌟


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