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BTS Proof (Standard Edition)

BTS Proof (Standard Edition)

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BTS Proof (Standard Edition)

Dive into the profound musical world of BTS with 'Proof ' (Standard Edition). This album showcases the group's versatility and growth as artists, making it a must-have for all K-Pop fans.

The 'Proof (Standard Edition)' comes packed with an impressive assortment of content. It includes a 132-page 'Art of Proof' book, a 104-page photobook featuring a collection of stunning photographs of the band, an 80-page epilogue that provides deeper insight into the creation of the album, and a 44-page lyrics booklet.

Additionally, the album includes a photocard and a random postcard, making it a perfect collectible for fans. The diverse content in this album truly encapsulates the essence of BTS, giving fans a closer look at their favourite band.

This is a wonderful addition to your music collection. It's available online at Ireland's number one K-Pop store, Alternatively, if you're in Galway, feel free to drop by our physical store, Zhivago Gifts, to explore our extensive range of K-Pop merchandise. Discover the captivating world of K-Pop with us today!


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