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BTS Uno Cards

BTS Uno Cards

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BTS UNO Cards - Elevate Your Game Night with K-Pop Flair!

Ready for a twist on your favorite card game? Introducing the BTS UNO Cards, a fusion of the classic game you cherish with the globally adored K-Pop sensation - BTS!

Game Highlights:

  • Irresistible BTS Design: Every card beams with vibrant colors and showcases images of BTS members. A must-have for ARMYs and game enthusiasts alike!
  • Classic UNO, BTS Spin: Dive into the familiar game mechanics – match cards by their color or number and strategize to outplay your opponents.
  • Exclusive "Dancing Wild" Card: This isn't just your regular UNO game. Play the unique "Dancing Wild" card, and brace for entertainment! The challenged player can either showcase their best BTS dance moves or opt to draw three more cards. Laughter and fun guaranteed!
  • The Iconic Shout: As you inch closer to victory and have only one card left, remember the golden rule – shout "UNO!" before your rivals catch you.

Available now at Enhance your game nights with the magic of BTS and enjoy endless hours of fun. Whether you're a die-hard BTS fan or simply love an engaging game of UNO, this edition is sure to be a hit. Don't miss out!

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