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Celtic FC Line Mug

Celtic FC Line Mug

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Celtic FC Line Mug: A Must-Have for Every Hoops Fan

Celebrate Your Celtic Pride with Every Sip

Enjoy Your Brew with Celtic Spirit
The Celtic FC Line Mug is the perfect addition to any Hoops supporter's collection. Crafted for daily use, this ceramic coffee mug features a striking green and white linear design, emblazoned with a large Celtic club crest, making it an ideal way to show your support while enjoying your favourite hot beverage.

Mug Features

  • High-Quality Ceramic: Durable and perfect for everyday use, ensuring your tea or coffee stays warm.
  • Iconic Design: Boasts a green and white linear pattern complemented by a prominent Celtic club crest, showcasing your loyalty in style.
  • Glazed Kiln Fired Finish: The high-quality finish not only adds a glossy sheen but also enhances the mug's durability.
  • Comfortable White Handle: Designed for ease of use, the handle offers a comfortable grip, adding a stylish contrast to the mug's design.
  • Officially Licensed Product: As a genuine piece of Celtic FC merchandise, it's a must-have for fans and collectors alike.

Perfect For

  • Celtic Supporters: An essential item for fans to express their support for the club.
  • Daily Use: Ideal for those who enjoy a quality mug for their morning coffee or evening tea.
  • Sports Memorabilia Enthusiasts: A great addition to any sports-themed collection or as a special memento.


  • Capacity: Approximately 315ml (11oz), suitable for your preferred hot or cold drinks.
  • Size: About 9cm tall and 8cm in diameter, making it a convenient size for home or office use.
  • Weight: Weighing 440g, it has a sturdy and quality feel.

Show Your Celtic Colours

  • Available for Purchase: The Celtic FC Line Mug can be found at, a perfect way for Celtic fans to incorporate their passion into their daily routine.
  • Explore More: Delve into a range of official Celtic FC gear and other memorabilia at Zhivago Gifts, ideal for fans of all ages.
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