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Crosley Lancaster Entertainment Center - Paprika

Crosley Lancaster Entertainment Center - Paprika

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¥ 3-speed record player
¥ Plays 70, 100 or 120 records
¥ 2 Built-in speakers: 3.50, 8½, 5W
¥ NP15 needle
¥ Belt-driven
¥ Bluetooth input
¥ Cassette Deck
¥ CD Player
¥ AM/FM Radio
¥ Analog Tuner
¥ Airplane Tuning Dial
¥ Aux in
¥ Headphone Jack
¥ Autostop
¥ EU & UK AC Power adapter
¥ Portable Audio Device Plug

The Lancaster has the looks of the roaring 20s, but this all-round entertainment center has all the options to enjoy your favourite music in any way you prefer. Switch from records, to CDs, radio, cassette or Bluetooth. The Lancaster also comes with a headphone jack and aux in.

Dimensions: 43.7cm (l), 32.5cm (w), 15cm (h)
Weight: 7.4 kg

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