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Crosley Voyager 2-Way Bluetooth Record Player - Washed Blue

Crosley Voyager 2-Way Bluetooth Record Player - Washed Blue

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¥ 3-speed record playe
¥ Plays 70, 100 or 12Ó records
¥ 2 Built-in Speakers | 2Ó, 8½, 5W
¥ NP6 needle
¥ Belt-driven
¥ Pitch control
¥ 2-way Bluetooth (Bluetooth in- and output)
¥ Aux in
¥ Headphone Jack
¥ RCA-output
¥ EU & UK AC Power adapter
¥ Autostop


The Bluetooth Voyager briefcase design record player stands out because of the sleek grill at the front where the two speakers are located behind, waiting for you to turn up the volume. Get the best use out of your record player with the Bluetooth receiver and listen to your digital music. Or connect your record player wireless to a Bluetooth speaker and amplify your sound. The Voyager record player also comes with Pitch Control, Aux-in, Headphone jack and RCA output.

¥ Imitation leather

¥ 36cm (l) x 29,5 cm (w) x 14 cm (h)
¥ Weight 2,9 kg

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