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Don't Drink & Draw Game

Don't Drink & Draw Game

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Don't Drink & Draw Game: The Ultimate Party Challenge

Where Creativity Meets Hilarity in a Drawing Game for Adults

Unleash Your Artistic Side... with a Twist!
Get set for an uproarious time with the "Don’t Drink & Draw" game, the action-packed party adventure where drawing skills meet wild imagination and a dash of adult humor. It's not just about what you can sketch but also about how you interpret the zany combinations others create!

A Game Night Filled with Guffaws and Guesswork

Every Turn is a New Surprise
Imagine sketching "Frankenstein bungee jumping off the Eiffel Tower" or "Humpty Dumpty doing a striptease in jail" — the possibilities for laughter are endless! Everyone draws, everyone guesses, and everyone has a chance to score points across five fun-filled rounds.

Inside the Box: A Treasure Trove of Party Fun

  • Wide Variety: With 50 cards each of famous people, actions, and locations, the game is never the same twice!
  • Drawing & Guessing Pad: Keep your masterpieces and guesses in one place for easy gameplay.
  • Simple Instructions: Get into the game fast with straightforward guidelines.

The Rules Are Simple But the Fun Is Complex

  • Points to Win: Nab three points for guessing the person, action, and location on each drawing.
  • Friendly Competition: Those trailing in points may face a shot challenge, ramping up the stakes (and the giggles).
  • Victory in Creativity: The player who amasses the most points after five rounds reigns supreme!

Ready to Sketch Your Way to Party Legend Status?

"Don’t Drink & Draw" is the ideal game for adults who want to let loose, share some laughs, and test their drawing prowess (or lack thereof). Perfect for any social gathering, from casual hangouts to spirited parties.

Now available for the artistically daring and humor-loving adults. Pick up your game online at or drop by Zhivago Gifts in Galway and make your next event unforgettable.

Remember, this game is strictly for those aged 18 and over. Whether you choose to incorporate the drinking element or not, "Don’t Drink & Draw" promises a fabulous time. Please play and enjoy responsibly—no alcohol required for a night full of fun!

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