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ERIC NAM House on a Hill

ERIC NAM House on a Hill

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ERIC NAM – House on a Hill

Eric Nam's album "House on a Hill" is a reflective and introspective body of work that delves into the profound questions of happiness, fulfillment, and personal journey. Celebrating his decade-long career in the music industry, this album invites listeners on a deeply personal exploration of what it means to be truly content and fulfilled.


  1. House on a Hill
  2. Don’t Leave Yet
  3. Only for a Moment
  4. I Wish I Wasn’t Me
  5. undefined
  6. Sink or Swim
  7. Exist
  8. House on a Hill (ft. Em Beihold)

Album Theme and Concept:

"House on a Hill" is more than just a collection of songs; it's a thematic exploration that Eric Nam uses to ponder significant life questions. The album's central metaphor, the 'House on a Hill,' represents the tangible achievements and desires that individuals strive for in life – be it in relationships, financial success, or self-perception.

The songs in the album navigate through these themes, reflecting Eric's personal and existential musings. He questions the nature of happiness and the endless pursuit of adding more to our lives in the quest for contentment. This introspection is particularly poignant as it coincides with Eric's ten-year milestone in the music industry, a period that has undoubtedly been filled with its own highs and lows, successes and lessons.

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