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Exo Season's Greetings 2023

Exo Season's Greetings 2023

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Exo Season's Greetings 2023

Step into the new year with your favorite K-pop stars! Exo's 2023 Seasons Greetings set is a must-have for any fan of this popular South Korean-Chinese boy band. It includes a plethora of goodies, featuring a beautiful blend of practicality and fandom love.

This set is beautifully packaged in a sleek box measuring 215 x 311 x 53mm, ensuring that everything inside is well-protected. It includes a desk calendar (170 x 230mm, 14p) featuring Exo's members, a great way to start each day of 2023.

The set also includes a hardcover diary (174 x 233mm, 120p) for noting down your thoughts, appointments, or tracking your goals for the year. The diary is sprinkled with EXO references and pictures, making it a treat for fans.

A set of 12 postcards comes in a chic paper bag. Each postcard (102 x 160mm) features a different member of Exo, allowing you to showcase your love for the band in style.

The package also includes an A3 folding poster (287 x 400mm, 2pcs), perfect for decorating your space, and two sticker sets (200 x 287mm, 2pcs) to personalize your belongings.

Additionally, you will receive a set of 12 A4 posters (200 x 287mm) featuring stunning shots of Exo's members, a mini brochure (174 x 233mm, 16p) filled with exclusive content, and a photocard pack with 6 etiquette photocards and 6 regular photocards (55 x 85mm each).

The set also includes a pack of six four-cut photo stickers (50 x 150mm), perfect for decorating your laptop, phone case, or journal. Finally, the concert ticket set is a wonderful keepsake - it includes 6 concert tickets (70 x 130mm), 6 postcards (140 x 80mm), and 3 deco stickers (77 x 63mm, 68 x 56mm, 52 x 73mm).

This Exo Seasons Greetings 2023 set is available for purchase from and in-store at Zhivago Gifts, Galway. For the latest updates, be sure to follow us on Instagram at Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to celebrate 2023 with Exo!

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