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Flock Of Sheep Headband

Flock Of Sheep Headband

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Flock Of Sheep Headband

Embrace Cozy Comfort with a Touch of Whimsy


Indulge in the delightful charm of countryside living with our Flock Of Sheep Headband, crafted for those who adore all things sheep-related. Designed by Pachamama, this hand-knitted wool headband serves as both a fashion accessory and a practical ear warmer, making it the perfect companion for leisurely walks through the rural landscape. Handmade with love in Nepal, it embodies the spirit of fair trade and artisan craftsmanship.


Wrap Yourself in Woolly Warmth

  • Material: Crafted from 100% wool, this headband offers superior insulation to keep you cozy during chilly outdoor adventures.

  • Design: Adorned with a charming sheep farm animal pattern, this headband adds a whimsical touch to your ensemble, making it a delightful conversation starter wherever you go.

  • Comfort: Lined with fleece, it ensures softness against your skin, providing a snug and comfortable fit for hours of wear.

Care Instructions

  • Maintenance: To preserve its quality and appearance, we recommend a machine wool wash at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius or a cool handwash. After washing, gently squeeze out excess water and dry flat to maintain its shape. Avoid tumble drying to prevent damage to the delicate fibers.


Indulge in the warmth and whimsy of our Flock Of Sheep Headband, a delightful accessory handcrafted with love and care. Whether you're exploring the countryside or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll, this headband promises both style and comfort, while its fair trade origins reflect our commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Embrace the joy of sheep-inspired fashion and add a touch of rural charm to your wardrobe with this cozy accessory from Pachamama.

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