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Genius IQ Test Kit

Genius IQ Test Kit

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Genius IQ Test Kit - Unravel The Power Of Your Brain! 🧠

Overview: Unlock the secrets of your intellect with the Genius IQ Test Kit from the prestigious Einstein² range. Whether you're an avid learner, a trivia enthusiast, or simply curious about the workings of your mind, this kit provides the ideal platform for you to challenge yourself.

Kit Features:

  • Comprehensive Testing: Each kit provides two separate tests. So, challenge yourself twice over, or share the experience with a friend.

  • Diverse Question Range: Designed to truly assess your capabilities, the test offers 40 multi-discipline questions spanning verbal, numerical, and spatial aptitudes.

  • Perfect For All Occasions: Whether you're thinking of stocking fillers, secret Santa gifts, or birthday presents, this IQ Test Kit fits the bill for those aged 14 and above.

Dive into a world of mental stimulation and discover just how brilliant you truly are with the Genius IQ Test Kit.

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