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(G)i-Dle Dumdi Dumdi (Day) - Ireland KPop

(G)i-Dle Dumdi Dumdi (Day) - Ireland KPop

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(G)i-Dle Dumdi Dumdi (Day)

Step into the vibrant universe of (G)I-DLE with their electrifying release, "Dumdi Dumdi!" This package is a must-have for fans seeking an immersive experience of (G)I-DLE's music and artistry. Prepare to be captivated by the dynamic energy and creativity that (G)I-DLE brings to the K-Pop scene.

Inside the "Dumdi Dumdi" package, you'll discover a collection of exclusive items that offer a deeper connection to (G)I-DLE's world. The 32-page Booklet offers an intimate look into the group's visual aesthetic and artistic vision, inviting you to explore their creative journey.

The included Post Card is a personal keepsake, a special note from (G)I-DLE to their fans. The Photo Card allows you to carry a piece of the group's charm with you, a visual reminder of their music's impact on your life.

An Invitation is included, granting you access to the world of (G)I-DLE's music and creativity like never before. And to add a touch of (G)I-DLE's signature style to your belongings, the Sticker is there to adorn your personal items.

Immerse yourself in the world of (G)I-DLE with "Dumdi Dumdi." From their captivating music to their innovative visuals, this package encapsulates the essence of what makes (G)I-DLE so unique. Secure your copy today from, your trusted source for K-Pop merchandise. You can also find it at Zhivago Gifts in Galway, Ireland's premier K-Pop store. Don't miss the opportunity to dive into the enchanting world of (G)I-DLE – order your "Dumdi Dumdi" package now and experience their magic for yourself!

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