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(G)i-Dle I Love

(G)i-Dle I Love

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(G)i-Dle I Love

Immerse yourself in the captivating musical journey of (G)I-DLE with their latest album "I Love." This global quintet, composed of MIYEON, MINNIE, SOYEON, YUQI, and SHUHUA, has once again crafted a masterpiece that showcases their unique concepts and exceptional songwriting prowess.

"I Love" offers a collection of tracks that exemplify (G)I-DLE's signature style and artistic vision. With each song, they invite you into their distinctive musical universe, blending genres and emotions to create an unforgettable listening experience.

The album features an array of mesmerizing tracks, including "Nxde," "LOVE," "Change," "Reset," "Sculpture," and "DARK (X-file)." Each song carries its own essence and showcases the group's versatility and creativity.

The album comes in three CD formats, each presenting a different concept and packaging image. Regardless of the version you choose, you'll find a treasure trove of contents within. From the PACKAGE and PHOTOBOOK (Booklet) that visually narrate the album's story to the LYRIC PAPER that allows you to delve deeper into the lyrics, every element is meticulously designed to enhance your album experience.

Moreover, the album includes special items that add a personal touch. From the BOOKMARK that marks your journey through the album to the SELFIE PHOTOCARD that lets you connect with the members, every piece is a part of the (G)I-DLE world.

Enhance your album experience with the STICKERS and STAMP STICKERS that bring a touch of creativity and customization. And don't miss the MINI POSTER, a visual delight that captures the essence of (G)I-DLE's artistry.

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